What is Column Guards Used for?

Column guards are one of those objects which are used in amount and at different places in our life but we might not notice them as much. Let me tell you what is column guard is actually. You must have noticed lights on the road at night to guide the vehicles through the path, guess what? What are they? Yes, they are column guards. Column guards are synthetic rubber to protect the edge of the columns of the structure. Column guards protect the chipping and breaking of columns/pillars. It is basically mounted on the edges as well as edges of the walls.

What are the advantages of Column Guards?

Column guards are pretty useful and have many advantages like the reflective sticker which provides better visibility at night. This comes very much handy on roads where there are no street lights and underground parking spots, like in malls or in offices. But other than that It is very useful at covering sharp surfaces like the corners of the pillars, walls, and edges of other surfaces. By using Columns guards it provides a smooth surface and by using that one can avoid getting scratched.

advantages of Column Guards

What are Column Guards used for?

Column guards are used at a lot of places for various purposes which includes parking lots of any kind but especially in malls. Where you might have noticed it a lot, for the purpose of slowing down the speed of the cars to prevent any rash driving. Similarly, it serves its purposes in warehouses of industries where cart lifting vehicles are used.

It is also pretty popular in its usage around the schools and universities and other commercial properties. Where one needs it to control the traffic around the property and there is a specific path laid out for the drivers.

Where to Buy Column Guards?

Now that’s an interesting question, now that you know its advantages and where to use them but how can we get them? Or where to buy them? Well not to worry, Polycrafts (Pvt.) Ltd. Is one of the biggest manufacturers of Column Guard and many other rubber products in Pakistan. With the needs of the customers in the mind, Polycrafts customizes itself through the manufacturing of the products and services. But not just for a small order but Polycrafts handles the orders of column guards and rubber products at a very big scale and meets the demand of the big industries.


With its usage in many industries and different fields of life, Column Guard is one of the most used products. It might not be famous by name but it certainly is very popular for its usage, ask any industry or someone with a parking lot. It is something that its consumers don’t take for granted and install a high-quality product. And Polycrafts (Pvt.) Ltd is the place for high quality and durable Column Guards. Which are easy to install with extra length and one-piece construction. And more importantly, dimensional accuracy is of utmost importance.

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