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Manufacturers of Rubber goods and Rubber products for the automotive, construction, and other industrial needs, Polycrafts (Pvt.) Ltd. expertly customizes itself to the needs of the customers with its main focus on the provision of superior quality products.
Established in 1985 Polycrafts (Pvt) Ltd (Formerly Pakistan Rubber Products) is now a fully grown established entity with state of the art machinery operating with all processes available includes Rubber Injection Molding, Calendaring. Extrusion & Liquid Silicone Injection moldings in the industrial center of Karachi. Initiating the journey with Footwear products Rubber and PVC Floor mats Polycrafts today; has expanded itself to inculcate in its operations various automotive rubber products used in the manufacturing of an automobile. Competency of the company further lies in the Rubber Eva, sound damping automotive & engineered components for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Automobile industry, and other engineering companies in Pakistan.
Expanding further the company has touched upon the manufacturing of Flexoguards & Flexohumps structure safety products which offer a complete range of products for parking areas & outdoor areas which includes rubber corner guards, wall guards, speed humps, dock fenders, rubber tiles & matting, rubber foundation pads & other custom made products. These products not only comply with the international standards but also the company has pioneered itself as being the sole and first producers of it in Pakistan.
Based on the efforts of teamwork and innovation, Polycrafts Pvt Ltd makes its investment likewise. Continuous efforts to improve product and service quality have been the focus throughout. Tapping into household products the company has started producing baby care products which include rubber nipples and pacifiers. All these products have not only created their own niche in the market but have generated outstanding results in terms of better quality and design.
It is our vision to serve our clients and our end consumers with products which not only satisfy them but also give them a great delight for the value of money they obtain by investing in our products.

Vision statement

Our vision at Polycrafts (Pvt) Ltd is to be the leader in polymer innovation, service, and development for all areas of our business. this vision will be accomplished in conjuration with our approach to corporate sustainability that is built into our culture and every decision we make. our vision of growth is not merely a financial bottom line, but a combination of the economic, social, and environmental influence.

Mission statement

Polycrafts (Pvt) Ltd mission is to be the industry leader in polymer, innovation, solution, service & social responsibilities, we will achieve this by taking the time to truly understand the need of our customers and then by reinventing on products and processes to help then succeed.

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