Benefits & Features of Speed Rubber Hump
  • Rubber hump available in high quality and competitive price.
  • Rubber Speed bump helps to slow the traffic in order to improve safety conditions.
  • Rubber hump most commonly found to enforce a low-speed limit.
  • Speed breaker to effective in keeping vehicle speed down.
  • Rubber speed humps are waterproof.
  • Speed bumps have an eye-catching, high-grade appearance in permanent shades that are a yellow and black combination for greater visibility.
  • Speed hump also feasible in different sizes and also available all over Pakistan.
  • Speed humps are Moisture and temperature resistant.
  • Rubber as a base material is stable, durable, and formed and also helps to make a better grip on the road.
  • Reflection rubber hump provides better night vision.
  • Speed breaker could be combined as the client’s requirement, it is easy to install.
  • Mainly rubber hump can be placed on any road, or in front of hospitals, schools, shops, malls, markets, factory or many more.
  • The stripe surface design of bump speed can reinforce friction and get a good effect to slow speed.
  • Advantage surface design and the high-quality rubber make speed bump a long life.
  • Strong load-bearing special design and the features make of rubber make the rubber hump can load heavy.
  • It is suitable for any environment.
  • REFLECTIVE rubber hump helps to protect vehicles in the darkness of night.

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