Flexo Plastic Road Studs Reflective Mark on Road Enhance the Way

Plastic road studs, Cat eyes road, Plastic reflective road studs or also knows as Cat Eyes, are important road safety devices which can enhances their visibility by retro reflecting automotive headlights to guide the road direction in dark light situation, or use an array of them to slow it down. These improve the driver’s ability to easily see at night, also especially in fog or rain. Traffic safety is greatly enhanced by raised pavement markers and plastic road stud. “Polycrafts” manufacture Plastic cat eye for Karachi roads is built-in reflectors (lenses) that can be raised above the road surface or groove into a recess on the road and highway etc.

Cat Eyes Road Studs

Polycrafts Pvt Ltd is a largest manufacturer of Plastic cat eyes road studs in Karachi Pakistan, the company can manufacture customized design to meet customer requirement. Plastic cat eyes road stud can also be used for lane management within the scope of traffic and road safety

Available in Colors

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red

Recommended For:

  • Highways
  • Road
  • Airport
  • Parking Areas
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Industries
  • Building and Offices
  • Residential Areas

Available & Distribution:

  • All over in Pakistan

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