Use of Wheel Stopper on Road

You might have seen Road Rubber Wheel Stopper at the parking spaces. Did you ever think why these stoppers are used on the roads? They are the hindrances in the driveway put with the purpose to avoid the bangs and cracks between the vehicles.

Here we will share some of the primary usages of Wheel Stops.

  • Road Safety rubber wheel stopper is the barrier installed at the parking lots to prevent unsafe vehicle movement.
  • The primary purpose of using wheel stoppers for cars is to work as a physical signal the driver that no additional forward drive is allowed.
  • Car stops protect the wall or glass from a car striking
  • They are positioned in front of car park barriers to avert accidental effects
  • Wheel stoppers serve as a boundary between roadside obstacles and cars to restrict restricting them from driving beyond the car stop.
  • Yellow reflective tape is used in the wheel stops to enhance the visibility and make them noticeable for pedestrians
  • They are also used for angled parking by perfectly aligned at the centre on the space
  • Wheel stoppers are effectively used to stop vehicle projections from dipping the clear width of nearby routes, such as sidewalks.

Places Where We Need

To Install Wheel Stoppers

Wheel stoppers can be installed in the following places to avoid crashes and bangs

  • Parking areas having three or above off-street spaces
  • Parking lots adjacent to a residential zone
  • Parking spaces adjoining a public street
  • Commercial or industrial parking
  • Shopping mall upfronts
  • Warehouse
  • factories
  • Airport parking
Install Wheel Stoppers

Features of Wheel Stoppers

Wheel stoppers have the following promising features

  • They are made from recycled rubber and are eco-friendly
  • Tough and resilient to any damage
  • Paint with vibrant colours for enhanced visibility
  • Prevent collisions between walls and vehicles

Perfect for warning drivers about risky corners

Tips to Follow While Installing Wheel Stoppers

While installing wheel stoppers, make sure to recognize the perfect location in advance carefully. For commercial or residential locations, a lightweight polymer stopper would be a better option.

Understand the size and kind of traffic at the respective location. For more massive truck harbours, it is recommended to fit a substantial steel stop instead of rubber.

Rubber wheel stops can be customized according to the specific type of parking lot. You can ask a wheel stops with a suitable colour for accessible parking areas for employees.


Go for the expert advice which wheel stop would be ideal for any specific parking space.
ideal for any specific parking space.

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