Rubber Mat for Home and Office

A rubber mat is a piece of flat rubber that is commonly placed on a flat surface or a floor. It serves a range of purposes including protecting what is beneath the mat. Rubber materials are gaining popularity as a surfacing option. With high durability, rubber matting maintains toughness and resilience in the presence of an abrasive environment. It is manufactured in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes- there is nothing as good as rubber matting. Rubber mats are perfect for use within kitchens, or under heavy machinery like dryers, washers, and treadmills. Some rubber mats are specially designed for office and industrial use due to the raw material used in their production.

Where is Rubber Matting Used?

A rubber mat is used as mandatory safety flooring equipment to prevent slipping, increase comfort underfoot, provide relief from fatigue, and absorb impact. It is significantly used in several different locations and applications, from stable flooring to factory matting. This type of matting is famous due to its ease of cleaning, durability, and easy maintenance.

Gyms & Leisure Centers

Rubber matting is used in gyms to create safety and comfort while working out. A rubber mat is used in the following ways in gyms and leisure centers:

  • The weight room Mat is extremely hardwearing that provides floor protection from dropped weights. The rubber mats are ideal for gyms and are effective in minimizing noise levels.
  • Sport- Tile is used for gym flooring to absorb the impact of heavy equipment. The tiles also provide grip underfoot when walking around equipment and reduce noise levels.

Industrial Environments

Rubber mats are mostly used in factories and industrial environments, where employees stand for most of the day. The matting is essential for preventing standing fatigue; it helps in increasing standing comfort by providing underfoot cushioning and promotes subtle foot movement. Rubber mats also feature anti-slip gritted surface and drainage holes.


Outdoor entrance mats are manufactured with nitrile rubber, for their resilience and hard-wearing. The mats are often featured with raised scrapers to scrape debris and dirt from footwear.


Switchboard Rooms

Rubber matting effectively protects workers and sensitive components from static electricity. These mats are specially designed for use on the floor and workbenches, with high wear ratings and good slip resistance.

Drawer Lining

If you are in a workshop, it is crucial to store your tools safely, without the fear of them rolling around in the drawer and getting damaged. A quick hack to do this is to line your workbench drawers with rubber matting. It offers an anti-slip surface for your tools as well as the cushioning of your drawer to increase the longevity of your tools.

Home Gardening

If you are fond of gardening at home or anywhere outside, you may want to invest some bucks in rubber matting and use it as a flower pot stand. It prevents your patio or pot from getting scratched by allowing water and air to flow easily through it.


Rubber matting for stables is manufactured from natural rubber, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Rubber matting provides cushioning underfoot for joints, insulation, and improved grip for livestock and horses. There is a whole range of various rubber matting to meet your needs.

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