Polycrafts Pvt Limited provides an extensive line of high-quality Lines Texture Rubber mat for an innumerable amount of applications. Our matting solutions promote safety, comfort, cleanliness and help protect and extend flooring life. We manufacture products as per custom requirements. We are leaders in manufacturing top-class quality rubber products. You can get the best and affordable Lines of Texture Rubber mat from Polycrafts Pvt Limited.

Usage of Lines Texture Rubber Mat

It can be used in different areas like Apartment, office, factories, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, laundries, bathroom, shops, supermarkets.



Dimensions : Width: 2000 mm. Thickness: 4 mm.
Length: Rolls to 50 meters.
Material: 100% Rubber.


Dimensions : 1650 x 1180 mm (l x w). Thickness 32 mm and 35 mm.
2000 x 900 mm (l x w). Thickness 32 mm and 35 mm.

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