Polycrafts Pvt Limited is one of the best tiles manufacturers in Pakistan. We make almost every type of tile as per your needs. Polycrafts is above the sky in a competitive market due to its continuous innovative designs in our products If you are looking for the best tiles at an affordable price in All over Pakistan and want to buy tile. Our Company offers you top quality tiles that are ideal for home, office, basements, gyms, schools, factories and play areas. Our rubber interlock tiles are durable, non-absorbent, reversible. With easy installation. It is available in our unique texture and in different colours as well.

  • No special tools are required.
  • The unique interlock design holds the tiles together securely without the need for expensive adhesives, tapes or the labour to apply them.
  • Installation is as easy as aligning the locks and pressing them together with your fingers or using a rubber mallet.
  • These interlocking rubber floor tiles can also be disassembled and reassembled repeatedly without damaging them.
  • Available in 5 colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gray

Available Colors:

Red, green, black, blue and gray

Features of Flexo Tiles

  • Dirt Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Slip/Skid Resistance
  • Colour Permanence
  • Hygiene

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