How to Keep your Car Safe from Dents and Scratches

Owning a car is the biggest investment for most of us, and that’s why we try to keep the vehicle in excellent condition as long as possible.  The biggest concern in owning a car is the risk of scratches or dents. You always try to prevent your beloved vehicle from any damage. However, there are several reasons for dents and scratches on your car. Some of these are preventable than others, and they may require different types of repair. You may need ding repair, hail damage repair, or paint and body repair. It depends on the type of ding or scratch on your car. Although it is quite challenging to be 100% safe, you can’t prevent it entirely, but you can avoid maximum damage by following some precautions. By practicing the few common-sense tips, you can at least reduce the risk of car dents, scratches, and dings. Here we have compiled some tips to keep your car safe and avoid a trip to the auto body shop for your car repair.

Avoid Parking Next to Baby Seats

Try to avoid car parking next to the baby seats. Most of the time, parents swing the door open to get their children in or out.

Don’t try to do stunts and create more space by double parking. It may alienate other people, and they may cause damage to your car by intention.

Choose the Right Parking Space

Choosing the right parking lot is essential. It is the place where most of the car dents and scratches occur. It is because when people park next to you, they are not careful with car doors. They even rub up against your car if they are trying to get out or into their vehicles.

To reduce the risk of dents, park in the empty parking lot and walk some extra steps to get into your desired place. If you cannot do this, try to park your car in the end space, it can also reduce the risk by 50%.

Also, don’t park in the narrow parking lots. We recommend you not to go to congested parking lots as long as you can. Try to look for the wide garages that have extra spaces to swing open your door quickly.

Also, practice the parallel parking skills in an open space with larger boundaries such as traffic cones. In this way, you can easily hit the main street without tapping near any curbs, utility poles, and bumpers

Right Parking Space

Keep Harmful Objects Away from your Car

You can also be responsible for the scratches and dents on your car if youset the items on the roof or hood to open by the car. The dent or scratch is even caused by sitting in the car.

Also, if you are holding anything sharp, you might be the reason for causing scratches on your car. Anything that makes contact with your vehicle can damage your vehicle except soft cloths or water.

Bird Droppings can be Dangerous

The sky is not about all the rain and sunshine only. Especially if you are parking your car under the open air. Irritating and weird stuff like bird droppings may fall right on the roof of your car and damage the painting.

After that, when you try to get rid of this corrosive bird shit, it will leave the permanent mark of scratches or dent in your car.

Honeydew is another kind of harmful dropping. It is usually under the lime trees in spring. When it drops on the body of your car, it can burn all the paint and may leave permanent damage. To avoid this problem, don’t park under trees or open sky.

If you have no option, cover up your car in the parking lot to save it from water splashing, heat, acid rains, and birds dropping. Covering your car with the proper car shield can protect it from any environmental exposures.

Wash your Car

If you cannot manage to take your car to the mechanic garage every week for pressure washing, do it yourself. Washing the vehicle itself can avoid a lot of problems, and it provides better results.

Ensure to use the right chemicals and detergents to wash your car. Unhealthy chemicals may harm your car’s paint. Make sure to use mild detergents as the cleaning solution with low pH.

Keep in mind to maintain a decent distance if you are using a pressure washer to clean your car. Too much water pressure may damage your car paints and affects its overall look.

Use Proper Car Umbrellas

It is impossible to always cover-up your car with the shield or cloth every time. Sometimes, you park your vehicle for a short time, but you still need a protective cover to put it in your car.

In such cases, you can use the car umbrellas. It is just the half-placed right above the canopy of your car. It can move anywhere with you. Most car umbrellas have a remote control; you can put it on and off the car anytime.

Keep Checking for Car Scratches and Dents

Checking for Car Scratches and Dents

We have gone through many points above to prevent your car from dents and scratches it’s time to make a proper schedule to look for your car scratches.

You can consider these necessary steps to check for car minor scratches and damages.

Try to follow these maintenance steps and adopt them as regular schedules.

  • Check other fluids like coolants, brake fluids, transmission fluid, etc. every month.
  • Check the hose line, ignition system, and spark system.
  • Check for the car dents, paint, and scratches often.
  • Renew the car paint when needed.
  • Wash the car interior and exterior regularly.
  • Check for extreme temperature, long period of non-usage battery, and age.

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