How to Control Speed Using Rubber Humps

Aggressive driving and speeding can be dangerous in places where people and vehicles are closer, such as near playgrounds, schools, parking lots, and parks. And to enhance traffic safety, speed reduction should be the utmost priority in these locations to eliminate any fatalities.

You must have seen rubber hump on the roads while moving, but not all people know their usage, why they are placed in between the residential streets. The purpose of rubber hump is to reduce the speed of the vehicles and placed in the areas having the speed limit 10-15 mph.

They are different to speed bumps, and also called undulations, road humps, or rubber speed breakers. To save pedestrians from traffic hazards or for speed regulations, rubber hump is placed on the lanes, and vehicles are forced to drive over it.

There are many rubber hump suppliers in Pakistan that craft the best rubber humps for road safety in different lengths and profiles as per locations. Apart from rubber, there are also different types of materials used in road humps, for example, concrete, metal, plastic, and tarmac, but rubber speed humps are the most acclaimed among all.

Rubber humps can be a good traffic calming strategy to control traffic and help focus driver’s attention in the areas where additional safety is needed. The ideal measurements used for Speed regulations

Or to slow down, the vehicles are 2 feet and 3 feet wide humps. Rubber humps are made from recycled rubber with UV-resistant technology to make them ideal for all-weather and avoid cracking and crumbling. They are light in weight, last longer than conventional speed humps, and save replacement time.

Let’s explore further rubber humps, how they can be used to control speed, and how to install them for maximum output.

Places Where We Need to Install Rubber Humps

Rubber humps can maintain the speed of vehicles to 20 miles per hour and are best suited for local roads and lanes where low speeds are favoured. The following places are the perfect targets to install rubber humps for improved safety conditions;

  • In-front of schools
  • Hospitals
  • Parks
  • Residential lanes
  • Apartments
  • Parking lots of shopping malls
  • Playgrounds
  • Local roads
  • Shops, markets, and factories
  • Non-commercial truck routes

Why Rubber Humps are a Best Choice

Rubber humps are ideal options to control traffic and to slow down the drivers as they enter or leave the respective areas. Unlike other humps, they have a quick and easy installation, offer minimal driver discomfort, cost-effective, reduce speed, and minimize the chances of accidents. It is legal to use them in any area where the safety is needed to minimize any pedestrian trip hazard. They do not change the direction of the tires and keep them straight. If the direction of the tire change in some case, it may lead to jerking and possibly make the driver lose control on the steering.

Rubber Humps are a Best Choice

Features of Speed Humps

Rubber speed humps have their unique features, which bring them in the spotlight. Have a look at the amazing features;

  • The combo of yellow and black reflection rubbers provides better visibility at night
  • Minimize speed and reduce traffic hazards
  • Promote speed regulation and make appropriate pathways
  • Enhance pedestrian security
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty rubber
  • They are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective
  • Non-skid surface, and ideal for all weather conditions
  • They are easy to assemble and make an improved grip on the road
  • Modular designs can offer flexibility to match with any road size
  • Easy handling and storage-removable

Tips to Follow While Installing Rubber Humps

keep in mind these tips while installing Rubber Humps.

Notice the Spacing between humps. The ideal distance to keep is at most 50 meters apart to maintain the vehicle speed below 20kph. For some areas where greater speed reductions are needed, the speed humps are placed closer.

Read the installation manual that comes with the product as they have the step by step instruction for DIY and you will get the best finish and perfect fit as well.

Hunt for the right place to install rubber humps as they are available in different heights and dimensions. So, finding the right lane for your product is vital.

Tips to Follow While Installing Rubber Humps

Best Rubber Humps Manufacturer in Pakistan

It is hard to find the best rubber hump manufacturer in Pakistan as the industry is very competitive. But Polycrafts (Pvt.) Limited expertly customizes its products with exact measurements to match the requirements of the areas where rubber humps will be placed to avoid the risks of collisions.

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