How Do Traffic-related Injuries Affect the Public’s Health

Traffic injuries are the primary cause of non-natural death all around the world. Particularly, impacting the public’s health, especially those who travel often.

The death rate due to traffic injuries is quite high among cyclists, pedestrians. Also, people who travel without helmets and safety belts are at greater risk.

Moreover, careless driving of trucks, buses, and heavy vehicles may cause severe accidents.

Some Facts about Road Crashes

Traffic injuries have become a challenge to safeguard the public’s health globally. Each year vehicle crashes lead to millions of death injuries.

Here are some facts to show the rates of road injuries and deaths:

  • Each year, around 35 million people die as a result of road accidents in the world.
  • Every day 3,700 people lose their lives globally in road crashes. It includes cars, buses, trucks, and bicycles – half of them are motorcyclists and pedestrians.
  • Traffic injuries are the eighth top cause of death globally for people of all age groups. It is the main cause of the death rate of children and young people aged between 5-29 years.
  • Road accidents cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic products.
  • The death rate from road crashes is over three times higher in low-income countries.

The Impact of Road Injuries on the Public’s Health

Many injuries caused by road accidents negatively affect the public’s health. Even minor injuries lead to poor quality of life.

As a result, some people stay in extreme trauma for years.

Here are some after accident impacts on the public’s health:

1.Road Crashes Change Live4

Yet, in some cases, people become disabled due to severe accidents. The feeling of being dependent on others hurts them.

2. Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

After fatal accidents and injuries, people go through shock, pain, and frustration. They become mentally disturbed with the feeling that they can’t work and feed their families anymore.

Even minor injuries cause mental health concerns and lead to poor quality of life.

It also causes pain, financial, and social problems.

Some common types of mental health issues after an accident are:

  • Depression

Depression is a common issue people face after accidents. It affects different aspects of their lives.

Further, physical injuries and the inability to move also lead to depression.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, or sleep disorders.

  • Dissociation Disorder

In dissociation disorder, people feel disconnected from their own bodies and thoughts.

Traumatic accidents may disengage the survivors from their surroundings. They can get into a feeling of deprivation.

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

The state of shock reduces with time for many survivors. But sometimes, those feelings stay and become stronger to overwhelm them.

Its symptoms include anxiety, recurring thoughts, or dreams about the accident.

Moreover, it affects the working and thinking ability of people. And, even impacts their lives – both socially and financially.

3. Financial Difficulties

Many accidents lead to financial problems for families whose guardian passes away. Also, when a person becomes disabled after the accident, they may lose their job. Which is also the cause of financial problem

Road Safety Measures to Protect the Public's Health

Road Safety Measures to Protect the Public's Health

Road traffic injuries are a public health concern worldwide. Yet, we can prevent these injuries and death rates.

If you are a driver follow these road safety measures:

  • Always buckle up yourself whether you are in the front seat or back seat
  • Wear a helmet when riding on motorcycles or motorbikes
  • Drive without distractions. Never use your phone
  • Confirm that your vehicle meets safety standards

If you are a pedestrian follow these rules:

  • Be alert while crossing roads. Especially in countries where motorists drive on the left side of the road
  • Follow traffic rules when crossing roads. Walk on the zebra crossing when the signal turns red.

If you follow traffic signals and rules properly, you will be at a lower risk of accidents

Use Road Safety Products to Prevent Accidents

If we install more road safety products, it will save lives.

Well-designed and durable products prevent vehicle crashes. They also alert drivers and pedestrians to avoid accident-prone zones.

Moreover, vehicles hitting trees in a road accident are a common roadside danger. Trees, electric poles, and weather conditions may increase the severity of injuries.

Road safety products like warning signs, fences, speed bumps help in such conditions. They play an important role in organizing traffic.

Yet, you must learn to read traffic signs and boards to save yourself and your loved ones.

Follow the Vehicle Safety Standard

Vehicle safety standards ensure the safety and well-being of drivers and passengers. If all vehicle owners follow the safety standards, they can prevent accidents.

Bad maintenance, failed brakes, mismatching of tires, and poor lighting can cause collisions.

If you have a vehicle, keep it in good condition. Do regular maintenance and servicing of your car. Also, keep vehicle care tools inside for urgent needs.


Road crashes are a great threat to the public’s health. They may negatively affect your quality of life. Also, they cause ongoing social and mental health problems – both major and minor.

If you are a pedestrian, a passenger, or a driver make sure to move safely on the roads. Avoid heavy traffic areas if you are a beginner driver. Make your loved ones feel valued if they are in a post-accident state. Your support, love, and care will positively impact their health.

Moreover, it is equally important to use road safety products during construction. These products significantly help control traffic overflow, injuries, and death rates.

Polycraft strives to save the Public’s health with durable road safety products. Our products are made with modern machinery to guarantee durability. We highly focus on speed management and infrastructure design.

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